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Our Vision

"To be the most efficient Integrated Steel, Metal Processing & Power Company of the country with optimum utilization of resources, to provide power to all, to bring in continuous reward to all its stakeholders, and having a global presence."

Vandana Global
Vandana Global

Our Mission

Keeping up the pace with the growing Indian Economy with its innovative core technology and work ethics.

Keeping up to the state of the art manufacturing, eco-friendly technology, systems & processes as core values towards CSR & Mother Nature.

Following efficient and effective quality management system, adherence of delivery schedule with consistency in supply and commitment towards customer satisfaction through continual improvement.

To become a world-class, diversified, cost-effective & trans-state power & steel company with diversified sources of revenue & low business risk while ensuring a high level of safety.

To ensure the best monitoring & maintenance techniques that would offer a competitive advantage in the industry.

To play a significant role in the growth of the Indian power & steel sector.

To expand the installed capacity for developing a superior portfolio of assets.

To maintain a high level of social responsibility towards the employees and the society.

To uphold corporate principles, corporate governance, and transparency in all aspects of the business.

To increase the local talents for their significant contribution towards the growth of the company.

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