Our time-tested products have made us leaders of quality assurance. In our lexicon, the term quality stands at the forefront. Our products quality begins with state-of-the-art melt shops that ensure advanced control of product composition, structure, and inclusion pattern resulting in very clean steel. Our goal is simply to ensure that construction steels are quality-approved materials, meeting global standards, and thereby maintaining confidence in infrastructure and building construction.

Service Uniqueness

At VGL, knowledge and technology facilities are used as weapons to create steel and related products that enhance the construction quality and structures.

The unique service offerings that give us a clear edge over our competitors are:

Customized Range of Products and Services.

Our products are tailor-made to suit our clients' varied needs in terms of steel grade requirements, tolerances, dimensions, edge quality, finish, and packing.

Where should I incorporate my business?

Many of our SELC registered employees are requested as main preferred Guilds were associations of artisans and Merchant that oversaw the main production and distribution of a particular good.

Extensive Sales and Distribution Network.

Our excellence is complemented by our robust distribution channel, coupled with our strong sales and marketing team spanning over a host of developed industries. We are pursuing remarkable growth in developing urbanized areas. We have a strong foothold in the industrial hub and townships that gives us lasting customer relationships and a stable market position.

Strong Project Management and Competent Work Personnel.

Equipped with a top-notch technical, dynamic, and professional management team, VGL has carved a strong brand geared to produce the toughest variety of steel products. We have the most dedicated and methodological team with target-oriented distribution skills across all steel manufacturing stages. The brand regularly conducts workshops to develop organizational excellence, quality awareness, skill up-gradation, and constant customer satisfaction.

Cutting-Edge Communication Technology.

At VGL, we understand our communication business very well and take it very seriously. To emerge as a world-class leader, we remain abreast with the changing consumer patterns. We have an unflinching commitment towards our customers, and this commitment is being realized by continuously perking up our multi-layered marketing mechanism, branding, and distribution. We have a dedicated and committed TOLL-FREE number that is very efficient in pre and post-sales assistance.

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