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We believe in empowered infrastructure, in the process of becoming leaders in the value chain process.
Through effective tagging of each bundle of steel, a three-stage quality process has been internalized so that we inspect, approve, and keep a track of our steel, resultant to which only the best reaches our end consumers and community-at-large.

Vandana Global
Vandana Global

Sponge iron making is a process in which iron ore lumps (typically 5mm-18mm size) are tumbled with a 'select' grade of iron-coking coal little dolomite inside an inclined rotary kiln and control combusted in the presence of air for about 12 hours before the products are air cooled, magnetically separated and screened.
MS Billets are semi-finished casting product produced in a steel mill that need to be further processing to transform it into finished good. It is a round or square cross-sectioned metal length which is created directly by the process of continuous casting or by indirectly hot rolling an ingot.The rolling mill epitomizes quality and productivity. The company operates 1.8 LTPA capacities TMT Rebar Mill. The Mill produces high strength bar confirming to IS 1786:2008 Fe 415D, 500, 500D, 550, 550D grades. This modern mill is designed in a straight line with no twist on Thermex technology with automatic tying & bundling system with complete automation to produce TMT bars ranging from 6 mm to 40 mm diameter size which are suitable for high strength applications.

Wire Rod of sizes 5-16 mm with the best technology and plant & machinery support. Since the raw material i.e. Steel Billet is in-house manufactured, the company can produce high-quality Wire Rod in an efficient & cost-effective manner. Ferro alloys are produced in sub-merged arc furnaces using electro-thermic process.
The main raw materials are manganese ore, fluxes like dolomite & quartz and reductants like coke, charcoal & coal. Ore which is in metallic oxide form is smelted in the furnace. The reduction reactions are endothermic and necessary heat is supplied by captive electricity through graphite electrodes in the centre of the furnace. The electricity passing through the electrode to the metal creates arc which smelts the metal forming ferro alloys of desired quality.

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